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Why YES Cacao?

So I know what you're thinking...

Holy shit Ritzfit team! Cane sugar on the Ritzfit platform?!

You're damn right ūüĎć and here's why...

First off what is sugar cane?

They're several species of tall perennial grasses native to South and Southeast Asia, Polynesia, and Melanesia.

The problem we run into when dealing with most cane sugar is the fact that we now treat this raw material as a commodity.

  • Sugar Cane plantations are too densely packed; there are not enough minerals in the soil to support that much sugar cane.
  • PVC used in large-scale operations. At the end of each harvest, the cane field is burned to create carbon and help with the next plantation.
  • We're cooking the shit out of cane sugar until it's completely dehydrated which has pulled it so far from its natural state (refined sugar).

Why is cane sugar everywhere in the natural product space?


Cane sugar can be produced and processed very quickly. In turn, it's simply more available and cheaper for companies to use. This helps with meeting the demand of larger retailers and of course profit margins.

So what's different about Yes Cacao's cane sugar?


  • Grown in its own eco-density on a small farm in Ecuador in nutrient-dense volcanic soil giving you the beneficial minerals you deserve.
  • It's hand pressed and sundried instead of cooking it dry leaving it as close to its natural state as possible.
  • Of course, it's organic.

How about the cacao sourcing?

Wild Harvested, Organic, and Stoneground processing are reasons for the approval.

Wild Harvested is huge! This means that people are traveling hours to the deepest parts of the forest to fetch the cacao beans.

No need to worry about how the cacao was farmed because it wasn't farmed.

Plus, the locals hunting the cacao are better paid then the traditional cacao farmer. It's simply a win-win for everyone involved in the cacao!


DIRTY - It's a long day ahead and the demands are high, but you dig deep and meet the challenge. This formula is all about going the extra mile, with a pleasure-soaked smile. 

Organic Wild Cacao 
Organic Sundried Cane Sugar (low glycemic) 
Organic Wild Cacao Butter 
Organic Lucuma 
Organic Maca 
Organic Mesquite 
Organic Reishi 
Organic Vanilla Bean 
Organic Wild Shilajit 
Organic Tulsi 
Gynostemma Tea Leaves 
Sea Salt 
Organic Fennel EssentialOil 
Organic Peppermint Oil

KARMA MELLOWL - Your brain deserves more! Feed it the best, and guess what you’ll get? You’re actually a genius. Your brain naturally wants to make patterns, so give it the nutrient dense botanicals that refine your game. This formula is all about remembering names, where you put your keys and the most creative route from A to Z.

Organic Wild Cacao Butter 
Organic Sundried Cane Sugar (low glycemic) 
Organic Lucuma 
Organic Maca 
Organic Mesquite 
Organic Yacon 
Organic Vanilla Bean 
Organic Coriander 
Organic Lion’s Mane 
Organic Gingko 
Organic Turmeric (85-95% Curcumin Extract) 
Wild Pine Pollen 
Organic Cinnamon 
Organic Bacopa 
Gynostemma Tea Leaves 
Sea Salt

GABA BABA - This is 100% chill out chocolate. When you feel the day pressing up against your comfort zone, cool your jets, take a bite, and relax into your flow state. This formula is all about unwinding the nervous system, quieting the mind, and finding that breath you’ve been looking for all day. Safe to enjoy before sleep too.

Organic Wild Cacao 
Organic Sundried Cane Sugar (low glycemic) 
Organic Lucuma 
Organic Wild Cacao Butter 
Organic Vanilla Bean 
Organic Turmeric (85-95% Curcumin Extract)
Organic Coriander
Sea Salt 
Organic GABA Tea
Wild Blue Lotus Flowers

More sourcing information:

Cacao (Stoneground) - Ecuador

Mushroom Extracts - Nammex (China) 

Beneath the Label

Wild harvested cacao bypasses the traditional hurdles with farmed and plantation cacao, just by virtue of its remote location. Their harvesting areas are pristine, only getting water from underground aquifers, spring water, and rainwater. There's no toxic runoff from other farms or villages, and ABSOLUTELY no spraying of any type - the jungle has everything she needs to grow the perfect cacao.

Which Expert Approved?


Mark Ritz - Creator of Ritzfit.com

"I spent more time researching this product than any other product since starting Ritzfit. The reason for this was cane sugar. To a natural product nerds naked eye this may cause reason for concern.

I've had numerous conversations with previous Ritzfit approved chocolate makers, conversations with Charles Barber, and of course the founder Justin Polgar.

For all reasons above and for the trust I have in other chocolate makers, I can safely say this could have been the easiest approval. I learned so much through the process of researching YES Cacao and I am so excited to share it with you Ritzfit Nation!"

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YES Cacao


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