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Why Crucial FOUR

The problem with most Pecan nut butter - phytic acid 😕

Phytic acid binds to minerals (especially iron and zinc) in food and prevents us from absorbing them.

Studies suggest that we absorb approximately 20 percent more zinc and 60 percent more magnesium from our food when phytic acid is absent. Source = Chris Kresser.
No need to worry here Ritzfit Nation... you know C4 always has your back! 
Ritzfit ingredient expert Charles Barber and his team at Crucial FOUR, stone grind local Dallas grown pecans in insanely small batches. 

Of course C4 soaks/sprouts their nuts - did you expect otherwise? 🙃

These pecans come from pecan trees as old as 150 years old, most around 50.

Why is the age important?

If you ever have the pleasure of speaking with Charles he'll tell you that he believes nutrients rely on genetics. Imagine the genetics of a pecan grown on a tree 150 years old!


Wild Organic Sprouted Pecans!

Beneath the Label

Aside from getting pecans from trees providing pecans with high-integrity genetics - finding a source close to the Crucial FOUR farm ensures freshness.

Charles is less than three hours from where he sources his pecans. 

We all know what happens when our nuts trave, right? Irradiation processes, mold, and even rancidness.

Nuts are supposed to be a health food. Let's keep it that way.

Which Expert Approved?

Charles Barber - Founder and Formulator at Crucial FOUR

Sprouted Pecan Nut Butter by Crucial FOUR - 2 Pack

Crucial FOUR, INC

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