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The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol is an elimination diet that was created to help those with various inflammatory diseases.  The general idea is to eliminate potentially irritating and/or inflammatory foods and ingredients in order to heal the body. is the only one-stop shop for anti-inflammatory natural food products.  


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Beneath the Label

ShopAIP has committed to giving 5% of profits from Shop AIP to autoimmune related causes, which could include education, support, or research.

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Mark Ritz, Creator of Ritzfit

"While this Ritzfit deal is not for a specific product, the selection available at ShopAIP's website is among the cleanest compared to other online retailers. 

My goal for Ritzfit members is to gain the knowledge to make their own informed decisions when shopping for food and nutrition products. 

I am confident that Ritzfit members will take this gift card to and know which products are Ritzfit Approved!

Keep up with the @ritzfit_ Instagram stories to learn more about which products we recommend from Shop AIP."

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Hundreds of anti-inflammatory products based on the paleo auto-immune protocol.

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