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Why Dignity

Did you know that other oils can be made from coconuts that are left outside with exposure to the elements and bugs for days? To keep that oil safe to consume, they have to refine, bleach and deodorize it using harsh chemicals.

Did you know that expeller-pressed and cold-pressed oils still exceed temperatures over 160°F?

The method of production of each oil will affect its taste and health benefits.  

At Dignity, they believe so much in the benefits of this "tree of life" that they want to keep their oil as close to its original state as possible. Less than 12 hours pass from cracking open the coconut to sealing the lid.


100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil sourced from the Philippines 

Beneath the Label

Dignity's Virgin Coconut Oil is centrifuge extracted. They don't heat it. They don't refine it. They spin it. That's right. They use g-force to gently separate the oil, leaving you with the purest and delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold. 

Less than 12 hours pass from cracking open the coconut to sealing the lid.

Something else we love about Dignity is their commitment to helping the local Philippine community.

Sex trafficking is destroying these coconut farming communities, for complicated reasons but chiefly, lack of economic opportunity. Dignity aims to create jobs, teach skills, and help heal communities.

Which Expert Approved?

Ariel Welch 

NTP & Co-Founder of Treat Yourself Inc.

"The quality of oil is paramount to the effects it has on the body. Most oils found on the market are rancid and oxidized because of high temperature or chemical processing.

Dignity Coconut Oil checks all the boxes for what I look for when purchasing an oil: it’s Certified Organic, non-GMO, Virgin, Unrefined, and Raw (not to mention it’s coconut oil which is full of healthy saturated fatty acids!).

The raw part is really unique, as the coconuts are controlled to temperatures under 118’F throughout processing.

They are truly going beyond organic by having a raw extraction method (hello beneficial enzymes and nutrients!) as well as supporting the local communities in which they work. I love seeing that they have also found a way to use the entire coconut, so no waste is left behind. Bravo, Dignity!"

Raw Organic Coconut Oil by Dignity (3-pack)

Dignity Coconuts

RAW - Never cooked or processed 100% certified organic, virgin, unrefined Non-GMO coconut oil

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