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 (1) 30g bottle of Ratio Sweet Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener (120 servings)

Why Phi Kind?

While monk fruit has become mainstream in the world of sugar substitutes, almost all leading monk fruit sweeteners contain other ingredients.

Many monk fruit products are mostly composed of non-organic erythritol.

Just like Phi Kind, we believe erythritol MUST be sourced organic and MUST come from fermentation - NOT chemical extraction.

Some monk fruit contains glycerin and vegetable fibers that can come from non-organic sources as well.

Phi Kind was in a position to offer monk fruit years ago but waited until quality and purity were possible - together.

There is NO bitterness whatsoever, and unlike many other sweeteners, Phi Kind's monk fruit naturally has a subtle caramel flavor, similar to cane sugar!!

Use this anywhere you need to add sweetness, from baking to warm (or cold) drinks, without the sugar. 


Sourcing: not cultivated in the US, comes from China 

Ingredients: Organic Monk Fruit Extract (30%)

NET WT 1.06 OZ (30G) Per Bottle.

Beneath the Label

Water extracted, less processed than most stevias, 30:1


There are certified organic monk fruits that use certified organic chemical extraction methods. 

Which Expert Approved?

Charles Barber - Founder and Formulator at Crucial FOUR

"Jonathan goes above and beyond when it comes to the way he processes the monk fruit. By now you know how much I am against dangerous solvents. Because Jonathan has been able to source organic and do it better than the rest of the industry when it comes to the extraction methods being used, it gets the thumbs up from me."

Ratio Sweet™ Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener by Phi Kind

Phi Kind


  • 100% non-bitter
  • Organic
  • Historically used in traditional Chinese medicine
  • 200x sweeter than sugar
  • Caramel-y, "brown sugar" flavor
  • Zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sugar
  • NO chemical extraction methods used, water extracted 

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