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Why Pili Hunters?


Pronounced “peel-y,” the pili nut is a rich, buttery tree nut that is wild harvested from deep within the Filipino rainforest. Its taste is unique, often described as a cross between a macadamia nut and a cashew nut, but with a stronger, more tender flavor.

Unlike commercially produced nuts, pili nuts are grown in rich, volcanic soils without any destruction of the natural environment or strains on its water supply. Our nuts are hand-harvested within the mountains of the Filipino rainforest. Local villagers gather nuts by climbing up tall trees and shaking down the ripe pili fruit to the forest floor. Next, they soak each fruit in water to reveal the hard nut buried inside, hand-shelling every nut with a single strike of a sharp machete.


The wild pili trees we harvest from are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic modifications. Pili trees are fertilized only with rich, volcanic soil; receive substantial natural sunlight, and are modified yearly by the ever-changing rhythms of the Filipino rainforest. There is no more sustainable, natural growing process for nuts.

Beneath the Label

Pili Hunter's founder, Jason Thomas obsesses over having the best pili nut products in the world.
He achieves this by staying committed to receiving the pili nuts by air.
Less travel time for pili nuts = ultra fresh!
As you've noticed, there have been more companies entering the pili nut space. We have tested other pili nuts and they don't achieve the same buttery sensation.
Most companies receive their pili nuts by ship carrier. In turn - this leaves you with a lower quality product.
Plus, we love that Jason takes tremendous pride in paying fair wages to the Filipinos.

Which Expert Approved?

Ashleigh VanHouten - Primal Blueprint Certified Expert

Ashleigh Vanhouten - Paleo Magazine "I happily approve this product - Pili Hunters offers up the highest quality, freshest pili nuts I have tried and their flavors are amazing - I'm partial to the turmeric and black pepper and the raw cacao. The founder is committed to quality and sustainability so their hand harvested in the wild, helping support the economy in the Philippines where they're harvested. There super high fat and super low carb so they're great for keto and low carb paleo diets, and they're so rich and buttery and satisfying that a little goes a long way."

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