Phi Kind Stone-Ground Nut Butters

Phi Kind Organics (Bradley Wildridge)

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Why Phi Kind?

Phi Kind stone-grinds their coconut in very small batches.

The problem with most coconut butter tends to be fat separation. When dealing with larger companies or scaled operations - the coconut tends to be left in bins for periods of time giving the butter time to settle.

Once the butter is settled the fat separates - which at times can leave you with less of the good fats you love.

Phi Kind is consistent and nutrient dense.  


*Certified Organic Ingredient

Original Coconut Butter - 100% Certified Organic Whole Coconut

Strawberry Coconut Butter -  Coconut*, Whole Strawberry*, Stevia*.

Cherry Almond Butter - Almonds*, Dried Cherries*, Cacao Nibs*, Vanilla*, Stevia*, Sea Salt*

Beneath the Label

Phi Kind coconut butter is made by grinding dried whole organic coconuts with stone until it is completely smooth.

While most companies try and figure out how to scale the operation, Phi Kind is committed to stone-grinding in small batches.

Doing this allows for them to offer Coconut butter freshly ground with little to no time for the product to settle and the good fats to separate.

Which Expert Approved?


Charles Barber - Founder & Formulator at Crucial FOUR

"I approve Phi Kind's Stone Ground Nut Butters. I personally know the founder and he does a great job sourcing clean ingredients, while also following suit by maintaining processes that optimize the nutritional value of each product Phi Kind offers. Phi Kind's passion for sourcing ONLY organic ingredients is reputable and we tip our hats to Jonathan and his team.