Turmeric Lion's Mane Ghee

Gold Nugget Ghee

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Why Gold Nugget Ghee

Functional mushrooms are one of our favorite new ways to optimize health, and with Gold Nugget Mushroom Ghee, you get the benefit of healthy, grass-fed fats and amazing flavor too!

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Gold Nugget was one of our original Ritzfit features because of their commitment to making simple, nourishing ingredients taste absolutely amazing. Ghee is simply clarified butter, simmered slowly to remove the milk solids that often trigger reactions to lactose and casein. What’s left is a healthy fat rich, aromatic, and perfect for high-heat cooking. Gold Nugget’s Ghee is made from the milk of cows who graze on pasture all year, meaning it’s chock full of vitamin D and K-2!


Ingredients: Organic Pasture-Raised Ghee, Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, Organic Lion's Mane Extract, Organic Black Pepper

Beneath the Label

The dairy used to make Gold Nugget Ghee Products is sourced from Alexandre Family Farms in Crescent City, California.

“The special thing about our farm is green grass and living soil. We have a growing season that lasts twelve months out of the year, which is really unique. Our animals truly are eating more grass than anyone else’s animals in the country and it’s because of our setting here in this environment.”

– Blake Alexandre

Some more sourcing...

Turmeric - Red Ape 

Cacao - Wild Harvested Arriba National Ecuadorean Cacao

Which Expert Approved?

Amanda Carneiro - Rawfitnessandnutrition.com

"I love this product.  I think it’s extremely important to make sure you’re ghee is grass-fed, and this ghee is pasture-raised all year long. I also like that we know exactly where it’s sourced from.  For so many people that have dairy allergies or intolerances (most of us!), ghee is great because it doesn’t contain any lactose."