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Why Tiger Butter?

First, what's a tiger nut?

Tiger nuts are a root vegetable common to those in Spain and Africa. They have a nutty taste but are certainly not a nut. These little guys are tasty and packed with prebiotic fiber.

Allergies are on the rise. Have a child who has an allergy? In a classroom that is designated nut free? Have an allergy yourself? No worries, Tiger Butter is your go-to alternative nut butter.

Not only is it nut-free, but this product is so delicious it becomes dangerous. Try not to eat the whole jar in one sitting 🤪

Approving Tiger Butter was one of the more interesting approvals for myself and my team. The product isn't perfect in terms of ingredients, but it's damn close, and the person behind the product is well on her way.

In my interview with Kristen Waters, the founder of Tiger Butter Co., I realized she was well beyond her young age. You can tell by our conversation that her goal is to use the best ingredients on earth. Subtle improvements to the transitioning to organic coconut is on her road map, and for that, we believe, we will also support!

Another thing that blew me away - Kristen was open to hearing from one of the Ritzfit experts on how she can improve her chocolate flavor. Ritzfit seeks to impact the natural product space in many ways... I applaud Kristen and her young brand. I am excited to offer this incredibly delicious Tiger Butter to Ritzfit Members!


Organic Ground Tiger nuts, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Vitamin E (from avocados).

Refrigeration required after opening.

Beneath the Label

"We make Tiger Butter and ship it to you no longer than 4 days after we make it!

- Kristen Waters

Which Expert Approved


Charles Barber - Founder at Crucial FOUR

"I approve Tiger Butter Co. because it's a great product for people who suffer from nut allergies. Even better this product tastes incredible. I mixed it with my own flagship product, mBreakfast, and again, was absolutely blown away.

In the case of the chocolate flavor, I was unable to approve to it due to the cocoa powder sourcing. In order for the chocolate flavor to receive my approval - I'd like to see cacao used instead, and as long as it's sourced exceptionally well.

The heavy metal report came in congruent with industry averages.

Kirsten Waters is doing a great job at such a young age.

Original Tiger Butter 2-Pack

Tiger Butter Co

The Original Tiger Butter is a naturally sweet and nutty treat without the nuts or added sugar. This is a fantastic option if you have a nut allergy, but to be honest, this stuff stupid good, so it's for everyone.  Are you following an autoimmune or low FODMAP protocol? Then this is for you too!

What are tiger nuts? Tiger nuts are a root vegetable from Africa and Spain, yes a root vegetable! The name is super confusing, but hey they taste like a nut and they are absolutely delicious!

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