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Why Paleo Powder?

Unlike most seasoning blends, Paleo Powder seasonings do not contain low integrity ingredients (like sugar) or disruptive additives (like silicon dioxide used to prevent clumping) and are produced in a facility where there is no chance of wheat, milk, soy or other non-Paleo contamination.


ORGANIC PINK: Himalayan pink salt, *chili powder, *garlic, *black pepper, *onion, *white pepper, *cumin, *cayenne (*organic)

ORGANIC HERBED SALT-FREE: *Garlic, *paprika, *black pepper, *onion, *basil, *oregano, *lemon peel, *celery seed, *thyme, *cayenne (*organic)

ORGANIC AIP: - Himalayan pink salt, *garlic, *onion, *oregano, *basil, *sage (*organic)

Beneath the Label

Even though Paleo Powder's manufacturing facilities go through rigorous cleaning processes in between orders, they still get their spices randomly tested for gluten and MSG as an extra layer of protection for their customers. 

Which Expert Approved?

Leanna Tu - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Spices and herbs are among the most concentrated sources of antioxidants and disease-fighting compounds out there. Paleo Powder packages some heavy-hitters together in tasty combos - and does so with the highest standards. The blends aren't polluted with added sugars, fillers, anti-caking chemicals, or preservatives... just pure spices. Better yet, they're organic, meaning they're NOT fumigated or irradiated--rather, they're dry-steamed to sterilize the spices while retaining the natural flavors.

Organic Paleo Powder Spices (3-pack)

Paleo Powder Seasonings, LLC

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