According to Ritzfit Qualitative Forensic Expert, Charles Barber, Ginseng is the staple adaptogen to have on hand.

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Why mBody?

With most food and nutrition products on the market, it's imperative that we do our homework.

The problem with most ginseng products is the length of time in which the plant is grown. For those who don't know what ginseng is - a low growing plant with fleshy roots with an abundance of medicinal properties.

The medicinal properties are called ginsenosides, and American ginseng contains nearly 30 of these ginsenosides. 


Most companies are growing or obtaining ginseng that's only been grown for 3-4 years. This is highway robbery  😠 it takes a minimum of 6 years for these ginsenosides to mature and give you the adaptogenic benefits you need to thrive!

C4 cares...

Crucial FOUR harvests 8 years and older roots. You can rest assured you are getting a high-integrity American ginseng product.


Beneath the Label

C4 specializes in the production of the next best thing to wild, and that’s Woods Grown Wild Simulated Ginseng. They grow their crop in the woods in a natural way under the canopy of the hardwood forest. The roots are sought after for their wild appearance and high Ginsenoside levels.

The usage of seed stock developed from wild seed gathered locally also results in a premium root with maximum potency. They grow wild seed in wild conditions, at the perfect elevation, to get a genetically wild plant grown under the same conditions as native ginseng would naturally occur.

Which Expert Approved?

Charles Barber - Founder and Formulator at Crucial FOUR

"I'm a snob for high-quality raw materials. First and foremost I'm always looking for the wild genetics that comes from blue zones. I'm consistently on the front lines, and I've made connections that we can all benefit from. My farming model is going to revolutionize the agriculture system as I continue creating many small closed loops, regenerative farm models that will be established all over the world. It's time to take back what we once had! "

mBody - Wild American Ginseng

Crucial FOUR, INC

8-Year old medicinal aged wild simulated, organic American ginseng roots

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