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Why C4 Icelandic Flake Salt?

Here is the problem with salt - most health-conscious consumers are not getting enough of it. It's the main driver of Vitamin C into the brain. I like to call it a facilitator of micronutrients.

Salt has been demonized for quite some time now, but when you look at Japan and Korea - they consumer an ungodly amount of salt, and these people live the longest out of anyone.

The problem with most table salt: added dextrose, anti-caking agents, bleached white, not an organic process, heavy metals, microplastics. A lot of this is caused by the current condition of our oceans and simply using salt from under rocks.

The objective is to seek ancient methods like C4 uses (see the process in "beneath the label section"). Their Icelandic Flake Salt is absolutely saturated in Magnesium!

This is just the tip of the iceberg... 


Icelandic Flake Salt

Other Ingredients - none

Beneath the Label 

C4 Icelandic Flake Salt making method is based on a centuries-old method practiced in Reykjanes.

To create Crucial FOUR’s Icelandic Flake Salt, hot geyser water of 206 °F (93 °C) from the hot springs of Reykjanes is used during the pre-heating, boiling, and drying processes of the salt. Geothermal energy is the sole energy source used, which means they leave a zero-carbon footprint on the environment with absolutely zero CO2 and CH4 emissions created.

Seawater is pumped to open pans where it is pre-heated until it becomes a strong brine with a salinity level of 17-20%. The brine is then boiled until white crystals appear on the surface, which then slowly fall to the bottom of the pan.

The pan is drawn and any remaining liquid is drained. The salt is then dried and put into packages.

Which Expert Approved?

Charles Barber - Founder and formulator at Crucial FOUR

Easy approval as Charles Barber is the man behind this amazing company and product. Enjoy Ritzfit Nation!

Icelandic Flake Salt by Crucial FOUR (2-Pack)

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