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Why Gold Nugget Ghee

Gold Nugget was one of our original Ritzfit features because of their commitment to making simple, nourishing ingredients taste absolutely amazing.

Ghee is simply clarified butter, simmered slowly to remove the milk solids that often trigger reactions to lactose and casein. What’s left is a healthy fat rich, aromatic, and perfect for high-heat cooking.

Gold Nugget’s Ghee is made from the milk of cows who graze on pasture all year, meaning it’s chock full of vitamin D and K-2!


  • Butter: We source our organic cow butter from small family farms around us. We have more cows here in Humboldt County than people! We source our goat ghee from a small family farm in Washington State. We source our yak ghee from small family nomadic herders in Mongolia
  • Cacao: We source organic wild harvested Ecuadorean Arriba Nacional cacao from a small group of people that ride a few hours on donkeys to harvest the cacao pods
  • Honey: We source organic clover honey from GloryBee
  • Turmeric + Ginger: We source organic turmeric and ginger from Red Ape, which works with small farmers in Indonesia
  • Medicinal Mushrooms:  We source organic mushroom powders and extracts from Nammex/Real Mushrooms.  

Beneath the label

The dairy used to make Gold Nugget Ghee Products is sourced from Alexandre Family Farms in Crescent City, California.

“The special thing about our farm is green grass and living soil. We have a growing season that lasts twelve months out of the year, which is really unique. Our animals truly are eating more grass than anyone else’s animals in the country and it’s because of our setting here in this environment.”

– Blake Alexandre

Other Important Sourcing Information:

Yaks - Mongolia

Goats - Washington State 

Which Expert Approved?


Ariel Welch

NTP & Co-Founder of Treat Yourself Inc.

"My love for Gold Nugget Ghee runs deep. These guys are doing ghee right, using the highest quality ingredients possible, they do NOT cut corners! Pasture-raised, paleo, organic goodness... You can't get any better than that.

The flavor combinations that Gold Nugget Ghee has curated are incredibly versatile and delicious. Plus the company cares about the environment and society at large, they have a Buy One Feed One model where for every jar of ghee purchased they will feed a child in need.

They are a mission-driven company with strong values and great products, the ONLY ghee company I support with my dollar!" 

Ariel's Flavor Recommendations:

For Cooking: Turmeric Ginger

For Baking: Vanilla

For Blending Into Bone Broth: Yak

For Coffee: Mushroom Chocolate

For Matcha Latte's: Lavender Vanilla

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